Digital marketing is the ultimate technique that helps you to connect easily with your target audience, know important details about them, and offer metrics that will offer credibility to your marketing team. It is very complex and ever-changing that will utilize the electronic media for promoting companies, services, or brands.

Online marketing always focuses on how each and every individual tool is capable of converting prospects. The main goal of internet marketing is to generate sales or leads for your business which can not be done if your customers are not able to find you in the ever-expanding Internet. In order to achieve this, the medium usually involves various strategies and facets related to digital marketing.

Types of digital marketing

Digital marketing is a robust field with many subsects. Let’s discuss the various types of digital marketing services that helps in promoting your business and enhancing your conversion rate.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a popular marketing tool instead of a type of marketing by itself. SEO always wants you to analyze and research various factors that contribute to achieving the top ranking on search results. Nowadays, the major factors need to be considered while doing web page optimization include:

  • Content quality and uniqueness
  • Level of customer engagement
  • Responsive or mobile-friendly
  • Quality and total number of inbound links

The strategic implementation of all these elements makes SEO to be a science, whereas SEO is known to be unpredictable which makes it a kind of art.  Coming to SEO, there are no consistent rules to rank high in the search engines. Google constantly keeps changing its algorithm, hence it is not possible to make proper predictions. You need to closely monitor the performance of your page and do necessary adjustments accordingly.

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Content marketing

SEO is an important factor in content marketing. It is a very crucial strategy Which depends on the relevant as well as valuable distribution of content to the end-users. While creating a marketing strategy, the main aim of content marketing is attracting more leads that finally get converted into potential customers. The entire process of content marketing is entirely different from traditional advertising. Rather than attracting customers with the potential value of a service product, it provides a free value especially in the written form.

Content marketing is very much essential, and there are many statistics proving it:

  • 84% of customers are expecting organizations to provide helpful as well as entertaining content experiences.
  • 62% of organizations having a minimum of 5,000 employees update content regularly.
  • 92% of the marketers say that their organization values content marketing as an ultimate asset.

Content marketing is not only effective but also tricky. Content writers are always required to create content that helps to rank the website on top of search results. Also, the content needs to be engaging and attractive to the users so that they will read as well as share the content along with interacting with the brand further. If the content is powerful and relevant, it will certainly create strong relationships with your target audience.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing focuses on driving more traffic and also creates brand awareness by making effective interaction with users online. The most important platforms for social media marketing include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn. As social media marketing always involves the participation of the target audience, it became the best way of grabbing user attention.

It is one of the important content mediums especially for B2C marketers around 96%. It is also acquiring great importance in the B2B industry as well. As per the report given by the Content Marketing Institute, around 61% of the B2B content marketers are constantly increasing their activities on social media.

Social media marketing provides engagement metrics that are built-in. These are very useful to assist you in understanding how quickly you reach your end audience. You need to analyze various types of interactions that are important for your business like comments, feedback, number of shares, total clicks of your website, and many more.

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Pay-per click marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is to post an ad on any platform as well as pay every time when any user clicks on that ad. When and how your users will view your ad is somewhat difficult to guess. When any spot is there on a search engine results page (SERP), it will fill that specific spot with what is importantly the instant auction. The algorithm will prioritize  the ads depending on various factors which includes:

  • Keyword relevance
  • Ad quality
  • Bid amount
  • Landing page quality

Each PPC campaign will have one or more target actions that users need to complete once they click any ad. These actions are called conversions which can be either non-transactional or transactional. Making any purchase is known as a conversion similar to the signup of a newsletter or any call done by the customer to your office.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing will allow someone to make a good amount of money by promoting the business of another person. You need to be either the business working along with the promoter or the promoter itself.

In either case, the process will be the same. It will work by utilizing the revenue sharing model. In case you are the affiliate, you will be getting some commission every time when the user purchases any item which you have promoted. In case you are the merchant, you need to pay for the affiliate for each and every sale they have assisted you in making. You need to utilize a platform that is designed for connecting affiliates with the retailers. You may even join or start any single-retailer program.

Native advertising

Native advertising is known to be marketing in a disguise. Its main aim is to amalgamate with the surrounding content which makes it less open as advertising. Also, Native advertising has been created keeping in mind the perception of present day customers toward ads. In case if the customers come to know that the owner of the ad pays to run it, mostly they will ignore it.

A native ad will be based on this bias by providing entertainment or information muchd before it turns towards something promotional, understating the ad aspect. It is necessary to label all your native ads very clearly. You can also utilize some effective words such as “sponsored” or “promoted.” If any of the indicators are concealed, users will end up spending a certain amount of time getting engaged with the content even before they realize that it is only advertising.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation makes use of the software to provide digital marketing campaigns, enhancing the relevance and efficiency of advertising.

Below are some of the important statistics worth mentioning:

  • 90% of the customers in the US consider personalization either “somewhat” or “very” appealing.
  • 81% of customers always like the brands that engage with them to understand them even better.
  • 77% of organizations trust the value of personalization in real-time for their customers.

Marketing automation will enable businesses to focus more on the personalization expectations. It will enable brands to:

  • Gather and analyze the information of the customers.
  • Design more marketing campaigns that are targeted.
  • Send and update marketing messages at the appropriate times to the proper audiences.

Most of the marketing automation tools will utilize prospect engagement with a specific message in order to determine how and when to reach out for the next.

Email marketing

Email marketing refers to sending a promotional message and expecting that your potential customers will click on it. But, the execution will be more complex. Also, you need to ensure that all your emails are useful and wanted. You need to always consider certain things while sending emails:

  • Write compelling content, both in the subject line as well as body of the email.
  • Always clearly mention what type of emails the subscriber are going to get
  • Provide a clear option to unsubscribe.
  • Integrate both promotional as well as transactional emails

You need to make your customers see your email campaign as a valued service and not a promotional tool. Email marketing is an effective and proven technique to increase your customer base. According to a survey, 89% of businesses considered email marketing as an effective lead generator.

Benefits of digital marketing

With the implementation of digital marketing strategies, many reputed companies and businesses are earning huge profits and an ultimate return on investment. Check out the major advantages of digital marketing for your business.

  • An ultimate geographic reach

Whenever you update an ad online, users will see irrespective of the location if you have not limited your ad to a specific geographical area. This will help your business to easily grow and extend your market reach.

  • Cost efficiency

Digital marketing will not only help to reach a broader audience but also needs a lower cost. Compared to traditional marketing like newspaper ads, promoting on television, etc. internet marketing is budget friendly. Even in traditional marketing you will have less control over your target audience and even not sure whether those ads are viewed by your target audience or not.

  • Quantifiable results

To know if the marketing strategy you implemented works or not, you need to find out how many consumers got attracted and the amount of revenue it finally drives. By using digital marketing, it is very simple to monitor results. Digital marketing software as well as platforms can track the total desired conversions you get automatically. It can be the open rates of email, visits to the homepage of your website, or any direct purchases.

  • Easier personalization

Digital marketing will enable you to analyze the customer data in a simple way which offline marketing can not do. Data that has been collected digitally will be more specific and precise.

  • More connection with customers

Digital marketing will allow you to interact with your buyers in real-time. A social media strategy will let your target audience to view your latest posts and even share it or comment on it. It provides great promotion to your product or service and an improved visibility whenever a customer keeps joining the conversation.

  • Easy and convenient conversion

Digital marketing will make your customers take a quick action after viewing your content or ad. By implementing traditional advertisements, the immediate results which you can expect is just a phone call when someone views your content or ad.


In order to optimize the marketing strategies of your business, digital marketing is certainly mandatory.  However, internet marketing is not that simple. Digital marketing is all about improving your brand’s visibility online and making your business easy to find for your potential customers. Looking for a top digital marketing agency for your business? Blinkbee is a leading Digital marketing company offering custom digital marketing services and effective SEO strategies to increase your sales and improve conversions.





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