Over the last few years, video marketing has become increasingly popular and accessible to businesses. YouTube is at the core of it all, as it is the most popular platform for video consumption. YouTube is actually the second most visited website on all the internet, and we now spend up to six hours every day watching videos. However, not all YouTube videos receive a lot of views. It is also not possible to earn revenue from a youtube channel if your subscriber count is less than a certain set number. This article will help you solve such problems by giving you time tested tips to grow your youtube channel.

Tested ways of popularizing your youtube channel

The following tips will help you grow your channel if you follow through all of them.

Youtube channel promotion

Build videos around a single topic & keyword

Focusing your video on a single topic and including keywords is the best way to generate attention and increase your YouTube audience. Using a keyword engine like KeywordTool.io, which is dedicated to YouTube, look for the most searched phrases in the niche you wish to target. Marketers who are unfamiliar with youtube SEO risk missing this crucial step in video ranking. Building a video around a single topic is also easier, and attracts more people than videos that target multiple topics.

Interact with your audience

It's vital to remember that YouTube is a social media platform that necessitates social interaction. Youtube searches for and rewards channels having high levels of engagement, which includes total time users spend on the channel, watch time, likes and dislikes, and, most significantly, comments. To enhance your engagement rate, strive to answer as many comments as possible. You may also increase engagement by asking questions on the video's topic or simply asking what other content they want to see on your channel.

Have the right titles to your videos

It is important to come up with catchy titles to your videos so that they grab audience attention. However your titles shouldn’t be clickbaity as this will turn people off and your videos may garner dislikes.In terms of specifics, according to a widely regarded study by Tubular Insights, YouTube video names should be between 41 and 70 characters long. Meanwhile, technologies like CoSchedule's headline analyzer recommend a headline length of 55 characters.

Post the right thumbnails & utilize youtube cards

Videos with a snappy title and appealing thumbnail rank better, even if the material isn't as valuable, because they get more clicks (CTR). YouTube cards may also help you keep your visitors interested on your channel. These contain links to additional videos or comparable information that are presented at the end of the video at the precise time where visitors drop off. You can include up to 5 cards per video, which display as a rectangular box or teaser in the video's right-hand corner.

Host giveaways to increase subscribers

A giveaway can be efficiently designed for YouTube channel Marketing. Create contests and giveaways of different types on youtube to encourage viewers to subscribe and participate with your channel. After you've completed one contest, take a look at your subscriber drop-off rate and engagement statistics. If you're not getting interested subscribers, you might just be attracting people looking for free stuff, which means you're presenting the promotion incorrectly.

Ask for subscriptions

The simple act of encouraging people to subscribe to your channel in each video you publish may assist a lot with gaining subscriptions, which is an important component of developing your channel. After all, the more followers you have, the more likely you are to increase your YouTube viewing time. It's also crucial not to pay for subscribers. In the long term, this will only lower your interaction and damage the validity of your account.

Reuse top performing content

Creating and distributing amazing content is the greatest method to expand your YouTube channel. However one doesn’t need to create content from scratch in order for it to perform well. Some of your finest films may be made from existing information that is interesting, informative, useful, and actionable. Traffic may be increased by creating content that solves problems for your audience. Perform a content assessment on all of your blogs and website material before repurposing it into videos.

Create playlists for your videos and be organized

People will find it increasingly difficult to navigate through your channel as you create more videos. Playlists not only help you organize your channel by categorizing your videos, but they also can help you assist viewers that want to binge watch specific types of videos that you may have created that they are interested in. you can also give your playlists custom names and recommend them to your viewers.

Get branded

If you want people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, you must appear professional. Improving your company's social branding can help people recognise your material more quickly, and you should ideally replicate the appearance and feel of your blog or business website on YouTube. Don't forget to include custom URLs in your channel header in addition to aesthetic branding. Writing nice and professional-looking video bios can also benefit your YouTube channel a lot.

Promote your videos on social media

You may always post a preview for the full-length film on multiple social media networks to increase interaction across the board. One of the simplest ways to build your audience on this list is to promote your YouTube videos on your other social platforms. Videos receive different engagement rates on different platforms, so it is best to do some homework about such things before you promote your videos to increase your engagement. You can also make use of Instagram ads management services and similar tools at this stage.

Show up & be consistent

If you're running a YouTube channel by yourself or as part of a small company, it may be quite beneficial to personalize it by participating in videos. People are more inclined to connect with you as a person when you put a face to a brand. It's also crucial that you publish to your YouTube channel on a regular basis, since this offers your viewers, subscribers, and audience a cause to look forward to your next video and a specific time to expect it.

Increase your upload frequency

Increase your publishing frequency to at least one video each week to develop your audience. This won't be tough, even if it appears overwhelming at first, because smartphones have amazing video recording capabilities and programmes like Animoto make editing movies simple to generate video content on a budget.

Take help from a marketing agency

According to studies 86 percent of businesses utilize video as a marketing strategy, with 87 percent of them reporting a positive return on investment for their efforts they put online for video content. This is why it is extremely important that you utilize your youtube channel to its maximum potential. A Digital Marketing Company can help you a great deal in this regard if you find it hard to achieve your marketing goals yourself through youtube. This is especially helpful if you have multiple youtube channels that all need promotion.


As you can see there are a lot of ways to grow a youtube channel and earn revenue from it. While it is certainly not easy, it's not that difficult either. One needs to follow the above tips consistently and utilize all the forms of tools to analyze their growth. A business may need many youtube channels if they have a lot of different types of products, and even then following the same tactics can lead to growth.  A youtube advertising agency like Nextbrain can help you in this regard as such agencies have experience popularizing various youtube channels of different businesses. Nextbrain for example has helped both large scale industries and small, independent youtube channels in this regard.




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