Increse in Revenues 270% From
SEO and PPC in 2021

  • Royaloak

    As the leading furniture retailing brand in India, Royaloak has created a national footprint that stretches to 120
    locations in the country. Our collections include American, Italian, Turkish, European, Malaysian and Indian in
    materials and designs. The brand aimed at reaching more target customers with effective optimization and within
    a cost-effective range.

  • The Challenge

    While administering digital marketing services, it has been a challenge to bring a good online presence and build
    brand authority in the furniture industry sector which the official brand website was lacking.The main challenge
    involved was bringing in a proper target audience and rendering quality content. Providing online visibility in organic
    search results so that the website gets additional traffic.

    Setting motto at efficient online visibility by targeting relevant keywords. Assists in boosting ranking to create
    proper business awareness. Online engagement by creating SEO services for yielding better results

The Solution

As per the solution measures the digital SEO and PPC strategies are followed in a way to improve marketing
channels. In order to drive the target audience, effective optimization measures are taken
with improved digital marketing strategies and solutions.

  • Increased impression share
  • Resulted in maximizing the impression share with positive adjustments.
  • On page SEO
  • Effective on page SEO executed by SEO experts for amplifying organic traffic & ranking higher in SERPs.
  • Facebook Ads for Conversions
  • Using Facebook ads for generating higher conversions.
  • Keyword research and ranking
  • Keyword analysis and researching to find higher ranking keywords in SERPs and work on it.
  • Google Ads (Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads and Local Ads)
  • Get More Customers With Easy Online Advertising. Increased Paid Traffic Revenue By 110% Via PPC MoM
  • Brand awareness
  • Creating efficient brand awareness campaigns for brand identity
  • Relevant content creation
  • Valuable contents are created relating to products and services
  • Bring back engaged users
  • With effective display ads engaged users/ visitors can be brought back.

The result

We began to see striving improvements in search engine rankings paired with increased traffic to
the site with the help of SEO and google ads effective stratergies.


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