Deliforce Improved Online Leads
by 110% MoM

  • Deliforce

    Deliforce is the effective SaaS delivery management platform for benefitting optimized routes as well as real-time
    tracking of agents. This will facilitate the optimized routes and real-time tracking of agents in addition to
    automatic dispatch and easy assignment.

  • The Challenge

    Delifore app comprises three users such as driver, customer, and admin. Brands complained that the management of
    numerous increased deliveries along with an increase in customers.

    With the admin panel management of deliveries and orders can be executed. The admin can assign tasks and track
    agents in real-time. It promotes efficient analytics management for businesses. It also provides an optimized route
    to reach the location on time.

The Solution

A website of Saas based solution Deliforce can be boosted with improved digital SEO strategies and solutions. Our SEO professionals analyzed the loopholes and created an effective optimization plan for Deliforce, the last mile delivery solution.

  • Producing relevant contents relating to services
  • Creating service related content that are valuable & easily accessible
  • Effective search engine optimization
  • Administering potential optimization solutions for Deliforce
  • Tactics to augment organic lead growth
  • Adopting firm objective & ways to increase overall organic traffic and leads
  • Creating Brand awareness
  • Affirming brand identity by enforcing positive brand image
  • On-page SEO
  • For boosting organic traffic & ranking higher in SERPs, effective on-page SEO is implemented by experts.
  • Technical SEO
  • With technical SEO the brand can increase reach across all channels.
  • Competitor Analysis & Positive Outcomes
  • Competitors are analyzed to identify the lacking areas & rectifying it for gaining over them.
  • Higher ranking keywords research
  • Potential keywords are researched to work on higher ranking keywords in search engines.

The Result : Improved SEO Ranking & Quality Leads

Our SEO experts adopted effective digital marketing strategies and SEO services to offer strong
optimization services for improved organic lead growth and revenue generation.

  • Increase New Users by 70% YoY
  • Increased Brand awareness
  • Increment in Quality Leads by 150%YoY
  • Decrease Bounce Rate to 10% from 54%

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