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  • AdvantaSMS

    AdvantaSMS is the top bulk SMS company in Kenya. Our company has created a website with the help of using
    advanced technologies as per the requisites. It is our main target to create a website that has high speed and helps
    in delivering rich performance.

  • The Challenge

    Among the various challenges involved in website development the foremost thing was defining the goals and
    objectives in addition to selecting the right technology stacks. Additionally, the main objective involves developing a
    website that has high speed and aids in rich performance.

    During planning, the challenges involved the website development integrating the features, specifications,
    performance speed, and scalability of the platform.

The Solution

The SEO experts’ team created a proper digital marketing plan that offered firm optimization efforts
and earned the bulkSMS service more ROI over a course of time.

  • Strong optimization solutions
  • Offering powerful optimization for BulkSMS website.
  • Highly valuable content relating to services
  • Creating related and valuable content for better searching.
  • Growing brand awareness
  • Adopting master brand strategy and creating awareness for brand identity.
  • Strategies to increase organic lead growth
  • Outlining plans to increase the rate of lead generation
  • On-page and technical SEO solutions
  • Technical SEO and on page optimization is executed effectively.
  • Competitor analysis and research for gaining on competitors
  • Researching and complete analysis of competitors to find gaining ways.
  • Higher ranking keywords for increasing SEO ranking.
  • Keyword researching and obtaining high ranking keywords for improved SEO.

The Result : Improved SEO Ranking & Quality Leads

Herein go through the newest trends and get acknowledged about the different aspects.

  • Increment in Organic Traffic 156% YoY
  • Increment in Page Views by 80% YoY
  • Increased Lead Generation 180% by 2021
  • 40+ Keywords Ranks on 1st Page of Google in 6 Months

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