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The number of users that use email to communicate daily is staggering, and estimates put the number around 3.9 million. Although people don’t really use email for personal communication, research suggests that people open almost all types of emails and usually respond well to marketing emails.

  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Easy testing of the campaign is possible
  • Helps connect with different audiences
  • Detailed analytics and reports
  • Saves time and money
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Email Marketing

Email marketing

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So what is email marketing?

Email marketing involves sending automated emails that are personalized for each customer as part of digital marketing strategy. Anything from weekly alerts from a brand that a customer decides to subscribe to one time customer survey forms or promo alerts once in a while as email marketing. Personalization occurs in both the way that the email is sent as in the timing and frequency of the email, and also in terms of what content is in the email. This is possible by the intelligent use of individual user data. Many technologies together help drive this type of marketing strategy.

Although it may not appear that powerful, email marketing remains one of the most useful forms of digital marketing that exist. This is because of the high rate of receiving and opening emails from both customers and businesses. Blinkbee is one of the best digital marketing agencies that has expertise in providing the best email marketing service, and thus can help you manage any number of marketing campaigns and get you the number of leads you need to generate a profit. Email marketing is beneficial in multiple numbers of different ways, as you will find out below.

How Email marketing can benefit your business?

Following are the ways email marketing services benefit your business whether that be a small business or a large corporation.

  • Increases customer loyaltyIncreases customer loyalty
  • Main benefit of using email marketing strategy compared to traditional or other marketing strategies is that you are guaranteed to see an increase in customer loyalty of both the existing customers and the new customers that are willing to subscribe to you. This is because when a user subscribes to the emails, they are sure to open whatever mails they receive. The incoming of your brand emails will impact their behaviour, and studies show that users are unlikely to look for an alternate service.
  • Helps connect with different audiencesHelps connect with different audiences
  • Emails can easily be tailored to suit different kinds of audiences. Automation is one of the email marketing tools that helps a lot in this, as customers in different timezones get their emails in a timely manner easily because of the automation feature. Personalization is also automated to a degree. Marketing emails allow you to provide unique discount offers, personalized messages based on criteria like birthdates of customers, their previous transactions with you and other similar things.
  • Saves time and moneySaves time and money
  • Email marketing is one of the cheapest to execute, and it reaches a wide amount of customers at a short notice. It is estimated that it is 12 times cheaper compared to other strategies like paid marketing and social media marketing. It is also labour intensive. Targeted email marketing helps you engage with your audience, no matter where they are within minutes. Email marketing works in small network bandwidths which is another advantage you have when you use this service.
  • Easy Testing of campaigns is possibleEasy Testing of campaigns is possible
  • A/B Testing can be done easily for email marketing strategy, and changes required can be addressed immediately. Almost every aspect of your email marketing campaigns may be tested, from the subject line to the time it was delivered to the content within the email campaign itself. This provides useful information about where you might need to change your email marketing approach in order to get the most out of your email campaigns. Other kinds of testing can also be used easily.
  • Detailed analytics and reportsDetailed analytics and reports
  • Email marketing software provides important insight into the effectiveness of your targeted email marketing efforts and deployed campaigns through data and analytics. Open rates, click rates, and click-through rates (CTRs), bounces, and conversions are the most important reported engagement metrics. An expert email marketing specialist can decipher the data and translate them into meaningful applications to better target your audiences, depending on your marketing goals.

How can email marketing help small businesses in particular?

Small businesses have limited financial and technical resources to handle the complex demands of the market. For them, even a small increase in the number of customers can mean a lot in terms of improvement and growth. This is where email marketing comes in. it is almost an infallible strategy if you follow certain necessary tips. If you are consistent in your approach, you will get a steady stream of new customers who are actually interested in your business. You have a chance of getting high ROI(Return of investment) with low initial costs with this approach.

44 percent of users check their email regularly, compared to 4% of users who accept seeing ads in social media. You have a chance of getting a bad impression if you are using other types of strategies, but there is no such thing like that in email marketing. However, if you contact a good email marketing agency, you will have better control of your marketing strategies and be able to target your audience more effectively.

With data driven email marketing you can accomplish the following things

Frequently asked questions

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  • What is email marketing and how can you benefit from it?
    Email marketing is the marketing that is carried out through emails. The emails are highly personalized and can be automated to be sent at various times. Email marketing has a high rate of success compared to other types of marketing.
  • What are the advantages of email marketing over traditional marketing?
    It is a very low budget marketing plan that has the potential to reach many in your target audience with a high rate of retention. It can be automated and can work on both existing and new customers for your service
  • Who are we and what do we do?
    Blinkbee is a digital marketing agency that has years of experience dealing with various kinds of clients. We have expertise in various marketing strategies including email marketing.
  • Why choose Blinkbee for email marketing services?
    We have provided email marketing services to both large and small corporations, both private and public. We can automate the entire marketing process to fit well with your budget and current marketing conditions flexibly.

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