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Video content is known to be incredibly engaging to general audiences, and therefore should be a vital part of your marketing strategy. By contacting the best video production services and marketing agencies, you can make sure that your videos are what people expect. By this, we mean the quality of production, the editing, animation and the marketing of the video.

  • Videos for social media
  • Video editing services
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  • Video marketing
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Video creation

Video creation and marketing

We increase your websites domain and page authority which results in significantly and effectively
increasing your non-brand traffic to your website that converts.

  • Much expertise is required to perform video creation and marketing services at a professional level.
  • Moreover, this has to be done consistently and at the right times for the marketing to be effective.
  • A video production agency may use many types of software to create and edit a video before the video goes into your website, and digital marketing involves more things like incorporating the correct keywords with the video and then promoting it at the right time in the website.
  • Although each video requires a different type of marketing approach, we can tell you that 73 percent of viewers who watch the entire portion of the video are likely to get converted as your customer if they are interested in your product or the service that you are selling.
  • It has also been proven many times over that the companies that showcase videos are viewed as deemed as more trustworthy.
  • This is why hiring a video production company can be effective if you want quality content created and distributed fast.

Video creation and marketing services we provide

We as a digital marketing and video creation company provide the following distinct services that each can help you based on your situation.

  • Videos for social mediaVideos for social media
  • We can help you create video content that thoroughly targets users present in social media. These videos are focused on your brand image and may feature many of your products and services. People value new videos from their favourite brands, and we will help you create exactly that. With these videos, you can gain new customers by tickling their curiosity to check your products or services in detail. They are integrated with marketing practices that help your videos go viral.
  • Product or service based videosProduct or service based videos
  • This is the second type of video that we will help you create so that you can effectively capture the attention of the audience. We use multiple videocreator software to make these types of videos. These videos go in depth about a particular service or a product or a service that you may sell. They are integrated with animations and effects that will help a layperson understand your service in depth. They are longer than the videos we may create for you for social media.
  • Video editing servicesVideo editing services
  • We have an expert team of video editors in our company that can give quality to any kind of video. We can add animations and effects to the video, and help with any kind of technical difficulties that you may face with your video content. This is to say that apart from production there can be lots of problems while dealing with video content, especially if you are new. Our expertise has us quickly fixing any difficulties you may face, as we know almost all software that is used in video editing.
  • Video marketingVideo marketing
  • Apart from making the videos themselves desirable, we incorporate marketing that helps search engines and social media see your videos as more desirable too. We also use web design to carefully direct the user to your videos and help incorporate techniques like faster loading of high quality videos in your websites or the websites you may use to promote your video.

How are videos used in digital marketing?

The longer users stay on your site, the better it is for user engagement. When consumers stay on your website for an extended amount of time, Search engines consider it a positive indicator for ranking. This means that you have valuable, interesting content that users are interested in. Users are unlikely to stay engaged for long if your site pages include walls of text. It's for this reason that user engagement videos are so vital.

Blinkbee's video production and marketing team help you engage your audience with your site content more effectively than text alone. Video creation with the required degree of professionalism not only helps people stay on your pages longer but also increases user engagement by adding elements that users will find difficult to ignore. Following are some things that are included in the marketing videos.

  • Details of your product or service
  • A detailed explanation of your product or service by someone
  • Assembly details of your product, if it has such a thing
  • Flashy animation and visuals so as to catch the user’s attention.

Apart from this cultural considerations are also put into video marketing because it can influence audiences. As much effort is made to keep the video unique as any other marketing video that targets a similar audience.

Frequently asked questions

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  • Why should you care about video production and marketing?
    About 65% of people report that they are attracted to visually appealing content, and it is here videos play an important role. By creating unique, attractive videos that feature your services in a concise manner you can be popular really fast.
  • What are the benefits of hiring a professional video production and marketing company?
    Professional video production companies have expertise in corporate video production services. They can give you many high quality videos fast and in a highly personalized manner which is incredibly beneficial for your campaigns.
  • Do you provide SEO services as well?
    Yes, we have many years of experience in SEO and integrate it with customized video content. This helps your website rank higher than those of your competitors and helps you secure more customers in a given length of time.
  • What are our pricing options?
    We cannot expressly tell you the price, as it depends on the quality and length of the video content you want. Contact us today with your personalized list of requirements and we will tell you our price based on it.
  • Why choose Blinkbee for your video marketing service?
    Blinkbee is a digital marketing agency that has years of experience creating and working with video content and knows exactly how to distribute it effectively. We have provided video services for various clients.

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