Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Industry

Discover the vast opportunities of high-quality real estate leads with the effective implementation of online
marketing services. It will increase your sales by exposing you to a global real estate audience.

Custom Digital Marketing Strategies For Real Estate

With targeted digital marketing strategies, it has become easier for real estate companies to advance turnovers, increase sales volume and build transparency. Real estate online marketing experts assist in keeping pace with new technological updates.

  • The days of real estate being searched by anything other than online websites is over, and these days you will be hard-pressed to find anyone who uses other search methods. This is why you need to market your business on the internet too. This can be hard if you don’t know how to do it. It is still harder if you have a small number of customers. However, investing in digital marketing will also help your business in other ways. It will increase the trust of your existing customers by helping you provide better quality services to them. You will be able to automate certain processes with them, and they will get faster responses from you for their queries.
  • Digital marketing for real estate involves a lot of work and you will not be able to efficiently do it on your own. That is why you need to hire a good digital marketing agency for your business. Such an agency will help set up your brand and grow it so that you become a household name. We will provide you with various kinds of reports in a timely manner so that you can measure your progress in the scope of our collaboration. Digital marketing can target populations with differing interests differently, meaning a high degree of personalization is possible within it. The profits you accumulate can be put back to your real estate business to improve your service which will further grow your business.

Digital marketing services we provide for real estate

Following are the many ways we as a real estate digital marketing agency will help you with establishing good relationships with both your potential and existing customers and help raise your profits.

  • Development of a good website

    Development of a good website

  • Our digital marketing process starts with optimizing your website so it performs in the best manner possible. If you don’t have a website, we will help you set up one. We will make our in-house UX and UI designers work on your website, and they will work on creating an attractive website that is easy to understand. We will also work on mobile compatibility because over 77% of people today use a mobile device to view websites. Even if that wasn’t the case, good websites are necessary for search engines to rank your websites higher, and thus constant updates to your web design are necessary.
  • We help you rank on search engines

    We help you rank on search engines

  • We will help you with what is called search engine optimization(SEO) strategies. They help utilise search engine algorithms to rank your website higher than other sites when your audience searches for the services you may offer. A real estate digital marketing agency will focus a lot on this as they know that it can help beat any competition you may have. It involves incorporating the right keywords into your website content and promoting them. It also involves us building a lot of backlinks to your website, which is just to say that other sites link to your site through various means. We will do thorough keyword research and establish a solid number of backlinks so that search engines always index your website at the top.
  • We will help you with email marketing

    We will help you with email marketing

  • We will help you in getting subscribers to your real estate business, and will then automate sending personalized messages to them. Personalization is carried out by analysis of user data that is fetched by our analysis. We can target several demographic populations and their different time zones will not affect us in this type of marketing strategy. Email marketing is also one of the cheapest marketing methods in digital marketing, but it has the potential of bringing in a large number of customers with relatively little risk.
  • We will get you new customers through social media

    We will get you new customers through social media

  • We engage in what is called social media marketing as a part of real estate digital marketing strategy. This involves collaborating with already famous people and sponsoring them for featuring your real estate business. We can also engage in the paid promotion of your website or service for a specified time period. Just like we measure the impact of other marketing campaigns that we may provide, social media marketing also lets you do the same. Thus you will be able to clearly see the impacts of our every marketing strategy.
  • We will engage in content marketing

    We will engage in content marketing

  • We will help you create blogs and other content that will help you connect with your customers more. Content writing will also help the SEO side of marketing, as more keywords can be integrated into them. Images and videos will also be heavily used in content marketing, as these always get more engagement. Search engines will index this new content regularly and this will help you stay at the top of search results.

Frequently asked questions

Reach out and we’ll answer the questions you have on your mind. We’ll try to respond
within the next working day.

  • What is digital marketing and how can it help the real estate industry?
    Digital marketing is an umbrella term that includes various marketing activities like SEO, email marketing, and even touches web design. It can help real estate institutions to gather new customers and improve relationships with existing customers.
  • Do you work with security policies like NDA when you work with clients?
    We are very professional in our work, and follow all security procedures agreed on in the project. This also involves non-disclosure agreements of various sorts.
  • Why should you choose Blinkbee for digital marketing?
    We are one of the few companies that have expert level proficiency in digital marketing. We can give you a lot of customers in a limited timeframe and a limited budget.
  • What kind of clients does Blinkbee work with?
    Blinkbee works with both large scale and small scale institutions. We have worked with various real estate businesses in the past and always know the real estate digital marketing strategy that works best for a client.
  • What is the price of your services?
    The price depends on the number of services that must be used to complete your project. Give us a call with your description of the problems you need help with and we will give you a quote.

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