Digital Marketing for the Travel and Tourism Industry

The travel and tourism industry can be highly boosted by the implementation of effective digital marketing
strategies. Online marketing raises awareness about services, reaches a larger audience and drives more sales.

Travel And Tourism Digital Marketing Solutions From Professionals

Digital marketing has become a necessity for the travel and tourism industry. The search engine marketing techniques amplify SERPs to increase the number of visitors and lead generations.

  • The tourism and travel industry has grown very large these days, and people also have more expectations from them. Just being able to book their favourite spots ahead of time isn’t enough. People want comfort wherever they go and rely to a greater extent than before on the tourism agency to provide that for them. Security is also expected. However, the greatest challenge for a company working for the tourism sector is that even by providing all this, customer retention is not guaranteed. This is where digital marketing can help a great deal for the travel and tourism industry.
  • Digital marketing works both on customer retention and on gathering new customers. It focuses on improving your website, increasing your search engine ranking position(SERP) with an emphasis on the population that uses mobile devices. It also works on improving relationships with existing customers through personalized emails and focuses a lot on reputation management. Digital marketing for travel industry especially targets last-minute travellers who don't have a solid plan. The traveller is provided with all the accurate information on their queries by your service because of digital marketing practices.

Our Digital Marketing Services for Travel and Tourism

Following are some services we provide as an expert tourism marketing agency. They work together and more often than not meet the expectations of both the traveller and the travel agency.

  • Mobile marketing

    Mobile marketing

  • The whole travel industry has gone mobile in recent years because of the increase in processing power and speed of mobile devices, and of course the easy portability and accessibility of such devices. Travellers these days book their tickets, sort through their travel plans and explore new places on their phones. Digital marketing helps you build mobile infrastructure around which you can gather more customers. This includes integrating new technologies in your service and updating your website with a more attractive and responsive user experience. We have in-house UX and UI designers who will help you with that.
  • Search engine optimization

    Search engine optimization

  • Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of increasing your website ranking on various search engines on the internet. It involves researching the right keywords for the services you provide and incorporating them on your website. It also involves adding images and videos to your content and forming a page hierarchy in your website. A lot of hyperlinks of pages in your website are also put on other websites that have similar content on them. This is called backlinking and is a vital part of travel agency advertising. All these techniques utilise search engine algorithms and help it index your website and its content quite high on its search results. SEO is a very dynamic process but is an important part of digital marketing.
  • Social media marketing

    Social media marketing

  • Managing your reputation through social media is a big part of the travel and tourism industry. Social media marketing involves promoting your brand image through various social media sites, collaborating with already famous influencers and responding to reviews of travellers that use your service. It also involves responding to negative comments that some travellers will make without reason. Constructive criticisms are not removed by tourism digital marketing agencies. We increase your customers both organically and through paid campaigns.
  • Content marketing

    Content marketing

  • Content marketing in the tourism industry involves a near-continuous generation and display of accurate and attractive tourism-related content. Video, animation and images are used heavily in content marketing to attract customers to your website. Content marketing also allows more keywords to be incorporated into the website and lets the travellers explore the sector more. A search function is conveniently used wherever necessary so that travellers can tickle their curiosity as much as they want to. Content marketing is however paired up with SEO to improve your business growth.
  • Personalized reach

    Personalized reach

  • It is no longer enough to wait for customers in the travel and tourism industry. You will have to reach out to potential customers through the use of user data. This can be done through opt-in email marketing, and through the use of services like broadcast messages in various messaging services. You will have to create a good name for yourself before you enter this stage but if you strategize well, you can gain a lot of new customers through this method relatively cheaply compared to the techniques discussed above.

Frequently asked questions

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  • How is digital marketing relevant to the travel and tourism industry?
    The travel and tourism industry is already saturated with many corporations. To stay ahead of the competition and grow your customer base, digital marketing is essential these days. Digital marketing also can have indirect benefits for your corporation.
  • How long will it take for the marketing effort to yield results?
    Our results will take some time to show because search engines index the websites we work on at their own rate. You will, however, see a gradual increase in growth as we predict it over the timeframe we work together.
  • How much do our services cost?
    Because every one of our clients has different individual needs, we won't be able to provide a single pricing plan for them all. The cost will be determined by the services you desire as well as the amount of time we will be working for you.
  • Why choose Blinkbee for digital marketing?
    We as digital marketing for travel industry have worked for many large and small agencies that deal with travel and tourism, so we have expertise on the problems that are regularly encountered by such agencies. We also have in-house employees that deal with such problems.

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